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Janet Higgins

I can’t emphasise enough how the 6 week Christmas shred got me through COVID! Bubba and his support team were incredible! Didn’t think i’d be a fan of online motivation but i’ll never look back!

Shannon Murtagh

I have been an online client with bubba from end of September & it has been such a positive impact on my lifestyle & my fitness physically & my mindset. Feel so motivated during the classes & Bubba gives constant support and can always rely on him to keep me focused & classes are fun. Online with Bubba is an easy as pie just have to hook up to zoom or do the session in the online facebook group!!if you’re new to online or trying it again I would highly recommend his online programme I’ve lost weight, gained strength & have toned up & Im now the fittest I’ve ever been. Really enjoyed the 8 week transformation challenge I was given so much nutritional advice, unbelievable support & delighted with my results.

Nadine McLaughlin

Feeling a little bloated and a few pounds heavier after the lockdown I decided to sign back up to bubbas gym but this time with the online classes. Initially I thought well “how hard could it be” swear on ma hair there’s no air! I swear that man is coming through the screen at me! there’s no getting away with anything. I am pushed to my limits and every swear word that was ever invented to the English vocabulary has been used during a session! The motivation and dedication to all online clients is second to none. I’ve been to a few other gyms in my time and bubba always takes the win for the most motivating Gym owner around! there is so much support with the online groups with Facebook also and live Q&A sessions to help you along the way to your fitness goals. I have just completed the online 8 week transformation and have been so pleased with the results. if you want to safely stay on track with your fitness during such an unprecedented time I would highly recommend the online classes!!

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