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Janet Higgins

I can’t emphasise enough how the 6 week Christmas shred got me through COVID! Bubba and his support team were incredible! Didn’t think i’d be a fan of online motivation but i’ll never look back!

Nadine McLaughlin

I started training with bubba almost 9 years ago. Initially to get in shape for my wedding day. I loved the energy and motivation from training with bubba that I was achieving all my fitness and weight goals. Over the years I let my fitness slip due being a busy mum and running a business which was taking up all my time. A while ago I lost my mum and then we had lockdown which lead to emotional overeating and weight gain. I felt very blah about myself when my husband suggested training with bubba again. Due to the pandemic I have been able to train online with Bubba. The energy and motivation is still the same as 9 years ago. The online interaction with the bootcamp groups has been so motivating and nutrition advice also. I love how if I cannot make the live class I can catch up on demand at a time that suits me. Its been the best thing I’ve done to get back into training. Im noticing results and have just joined bubbas challenge which I’m excited to see my progress at the end of. Bubbas programme has definitely give me that extra push mentally and physically to get my fitness goals back on track

Shannon Murtagh

I started the online classes just over two months ago! Absolutely love them and the social aspect with everyone else on the zoom classes! I have learnt so much about nutrition and fitness by Bubba and the other Pts! Love how you can message at any time on the TrueCoach app questions and they spend quickly. I lost a stone in 8 weeks and now fit into clothes that haven’t fit in a year or two. Feeling far more confident now all thanks to bubba’s gym! Buzzing for the upcoming 2021 6 weeks shred with the bubba family 😬

Amanda McCaragher

Started Online With Bubba nearly 2 years ago at the start of lockdown to move while I was off work and give me something else to focus on. I never thought I’d actually enjoy it, never mind crave it every week! I’d never been to a gym so thought I’d give the homework outs a whirl and never looked back. I dropped weight and toned when I got food and nutrition sorted together in my head. It’s great when you haven’t time to attend the live classes they are recorded for you or when you’re feeling under the weather you can easily choose one, they’re just a few clicks away. Personally live classes are so much better as Bubba and Adam will encourage you on. I’ve done some PT sessions with Adam for strength and to enter a gym setting isn’t as nerve-wracking as everyone thinks… just do it. Totally recommend, giving you time for you! I look forward to every live session.

Colleen McConville
I have been an online client with bubba from end of September&it has been such a positive impact on my lifestyle & my fitness physically&my mindset. Feel so motivated during the classes&Bubba gives constant support and can always rely on him to keep me focused&classes are fun. Online with Bubba is an easy as pie just have to hook up to zoom or do the session in the online facebook group!!if you’re new to online or trying it again I would highly recommend his online programme I’ve lost weight, gained stenght&have toned up&im now the fittest I’ve ever been.
Really enjoyed the 8 week transformation challenge I was given so much nutritional advice, unbelievable support&delighted with my results.
Ellen Donnelly

I had never committed to online gym classes before as I didn’t think it would be that motivating. But the Online with Bubba classes are so entertaining, you really burn the calories and being live with the instructor makes you accountable throughout! Can’t wait to continue in 2021!!

Denise McAnallen

“I’ve been doing the online bootcamp for nearly a year and loving every minute of it . Bubba and his team are amazing I would highly recommend them to anyone, especially when it’s in the comfort of your own home!

I’m currently weighing 112 pounds, starting at 140 pounds im down more than I ever imagined. My results are amazing I’m feeling great. To anyone who wishes to sign up for the programme do you will not be disappointed.”

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